Vulgrim Han'dar * Warbringer clan

Vulgrim Dragonborn Fighter Level 5


Strength: 21 Con: 15 Dex: 10 Int: 8 Wis: 11 Cha: 12

Level: 5 Hit Points: 59 Spd: 5 Int: +2

AC: 23 Fort: 20 Ref: 13 Will: 14

Dragonborn Fighter


Back story

Since birth Vulgrim and been considered special. He was born from a special egg. The egg was the color of burnished gold, and when he hatched it split exactly in half. Either one of these events in considered special, but to have both is considered an Omen. Any dragon born in this manner is destined for great things.

Vulgrim was born to the Warbringer clan and is indebted to an Ancient Red Dragon. The dragon’s name is Yepinto Azuresmoke. The dragon uses the clan as a guard and servants. The clan is at the dragon’s mercy. They clan has tried several times over the last 150 years to get away from the dragon. Each time the dragon has punished the clan severally. The clan is looking for a way to now slay the dragon and defeat it once and for all.

Vulgrim listened to the clan elders and became as soldier. The council believed that he could lead the army to great conquests. As time went on, he rose quickly through the ranks and was accepted into the Iron Talons. The Iron Talons are a special assault force that usually leads the clan into battle. He was the veteran of many battles and was given his own squad due to his fighting ability and leadership. While fighting off a group of Bugbears that had stole from the clan the Iron Talons were ambushed and all of the soldiers were killed. Only Vulgrim escaped with his life. The bugbears had hired archers to shoot the Iron Talons from a distance. The Iron Talons do not carry distance weapons and they are a strike force and they believe it to be cowardly. As the sole survivor Vulgrim is haunted by the defeat. To this day he always has a distance weapon close at hand. Currently he carries javelins.

After the Iron Talons were eliminated he volunteered to seek out powerful magic items to help defeat the dragon that hold his clan hostage. To learn the outside world he usually signs up a mercenary to make enough money to keep his search alive.

Vulgrim Han'dar * Warbringer clan

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