Stygian Gloomglaive (aka Brad)

Brad Bemis, RPGA# 9205317721


Stygian stands at almost 8 feet tall, with a shaved head and strange arcane tattoos covering his face. While he carries himself as a being of great muscle and bulk, he is actually quite gaunt and stretched thin for a man of his size. His skin is an ashen color and emits an ever-present aura of darkness around him, making him appear somewhat insubstantial. His eyes are sunken and completely black. Where his pupils would be, small jets of flame dance alight. His hands end in strong, black fingernails that resemble claws. When in combat, the aura of darkness that surrounds him grows in size, strength, and intensity – mixed among the shadows that rise up, dark red and orange flames billow up and crackle with power. The flame of his eyes also grows more defined, and it almost appears that his entire face is encased in dark fire. As he moves, he flows across the battlefield, leaving a trail of shadows and flame behind him. When he strikes with his arcane powers, his words leave trails of shadow and the dark energy that fuels his powers runs up and down the length of his massive silver glaive before striking his target.


Stygian Gloomglaive (aka Brad)

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