John Burgess - RPGA#:4208477305


Ability Scores

Str: 18

Con: 16

Dex: 14

Int: 8

Wis: 10

Cha: 12


AC: 17

Fort: 19

Ref: 16

Will: 14

Magic Items/Weapons

Thane Blood Orc Warblade +1 (falchion)

Cloak of Resistance +2

Horned Helmet (heroic tier)



Eredash was born of a human slave who was taken in a raid by the orcish Duskfire clan. At his birth he was given the name Hunndok, since his mother’s captors could not determine which of them was his father. Hunndok made an excellent slave as a young boy. Though his mother cared for him, he was never comfortable under her loving gaze and so he would work longer days than even his callous taskmasters forced him to.

One evening he returned to his mother’s tent to find an orc warrior harassing her. Hunndok had never known a feeling like the rage that welled up inside of him in that moment. He attacked the orc, and the two struggled. Hunndok was very strong, and the orc warrior had been drinking. When neither could best the other, each went looking for a weapon. The young slave took the warrior’s own warblade and swung wildly at his mother’s assailant. Though the warrior leaped away to avoid the killing stroke, he was dismayed to see that the youth had cut off his thick braid of beard, which was a warrior’s honor among the Duskfire orcs. Hunndok was subdued and chained.

Later in the week Hunndok was taken before the clan’s elder shaman, who declared that the young slave should be trained to fight. Hunndok distinguished himself in speed and power. He was made a warrior and given the name Eredash, which means “devil cut” in the orc tongue. But Eredash never saw his first raid. His mother, desperate that her son should never become a terrible scourge on her people, convinced him to flee with her. They escaped the Duskfire encampment one night and made their way to a nearby human establishment the orcs meant to raid three days later. They warned the people of the coming attack, and in three days the orcs came and found the city’s gates closed and its walls defended. While the people of the city were grateful for the warning, there were few who were comfortable with an orcish warrior living within their walls. Eredash’s mother pleaded with the city’s elders, but in the end Eredash again set off in the night, leaving his mother and her unreasonably loving eyes behind him forever.

Now Eredash hopes to find others like himself – clanless half-orcs with nowhere to call home – and together to build a clan of his own.

Mannerisms and Appearance

Eredash’s orcish heritage is more evident than in most half-breeds. His skin is a somber grey, his eyes deep set and nearly all black. He bears two prominent lower tusks and long, pointed ears. The only truly evident mark of his human mother (other than is upright posture) is the fiery red beard upon his chin and matching topknot. He speaks the common tongue most of the time, though often enough he will slip in to orcish speech when surprised or agitated. His weapon is a falchion of orcish make, the blade curiously slender after the custom of the Duskfire orcs.

Eredash’s fury in battle is belied by the nobility of his spirit. Far from a battle rager, Eredash has developed a smooth and elegant technique with his warblade. The savagery in his blood brings his feet swiftly into battle, but the young warrior is far from reckless as his blade flashes about him. He is focused and calculating.

Eredash is always seeking a strong-willed half-orc woman to help him establish his clan and bear his sons, and he takes the measure of every half-orc he meets in his travels to find those who are valorous and strong. After all, his sons will need wives of their own one day. The future establishment of his clan is the driving force behind every one of Eredash’s undertakings.


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