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Lost Temple of the Fey Gods


Aglarond. Whenever I think of this region, I think to myself: Agro-land. Why? Farms. Truth be told, though I know little of the coloured-skins ways for such things, the vibrancy of such places is astounding. Though I will never admit it openly, I envy the green they live in. Perhaps that is how I was attracted to the followers of Selune? (Note to self: If I encounter a Drow female dancing outdoors, bed her.) Sorry, where was I? Yes, Aglarond. The Brigade received word from a farming community in Halendos of work. Something to do with fairies. After my near dismal failings in Cormyr I lent myself to the tutelage of a more experienced wizard in our employ. Although I did it with the interest in seeing his magic’s (especially his version of my now in-famous magic fizzle), I am surprised by the elemental magic’s he controls. A far more elaborate cry from my shadows and force, but then again such flash is not for my kin. He must have passed on something to me, because I did not fizzle as much as before, but again I was not able to make a better account of myself completely. I must note here though, that I have acquired the services of a book-imp as my familiar now. She should help my studies further and perhaps research more into my magic fizzles. Pardon my digression in this journal again, but I had to bow to the superior mage ahead of time. Now, as to the job at hand, as we arrived in the farm, myself, my mage-tutor, and a fellow scale-skin warrior we met by three adventures who had also taken up the call. An odd coloured-skin monk, who moved with the grace of a shadow upon a wind, another scale-skin who sang surprisingly well, (Second note to self: These scale-skins are the greatest surprise since coming into this realm. I should write a treatise on this species and their amazing prowess in most areas. I would not be surprised if they create the next super-empire.) and a giant-skin warden of the lands who well…what lacking in mental capacity made up for with sheer brute force, of course. I’m a tad fuzzy about how we came upon our employments contract, but some farmers appeared to be arguing over a pot. Our newly greeted scale-skin bard said a phrase that I remember having to do with a certain non-mentionable magic group and one of them immediately buggered off. Perhaps more will come of that action later. After calming that situation the two remaining farmers hired on us to overcome a problem with the local fey-skins. Apparently, they were more…grim than usual. Pranks were not just pranks, but grievous and hazardous tricks to the farms and its people and animals. I over-heard something about cows and fields, but I’m a wizard not a farmer. With a goal in hand (i.e.: to look to the fey-skins), we set out to the woods. As we set out, we heard the voice of a ghostly fey-skin come from a wizened crow of a coloured-skin women; something about a thrice-bound tree and the heart of light defeating the heart of darkness. An obvious bode of things to come. We entered and found upon ourselves some small fairy-skins ‘playing’ about. Attempting to gain their attention, our scale-skin singer pranced and sang, and somehow managed to lose trousers that he was not wearing to begin with, odd indeed these fairies. Myself and my tutor applied appropriate ‘mood’ lighting of course. (Third note to self: I may fizzle in combat, but my cantrips are second to none. If worse comes to worse, consider becoming a tavern entertainer.) Well, we certainly gained the fairy-skins attention. They decided to have us play some sport with a literal ogre of a ‘little boy’, who was quite keen on a game of ‘Smash’. I instantly called upon Gong, the afore-mentioned giant-skin warden. In the ensuing ‘smash’ game, I managed to get off one of my magic fizzles to my credit. I also came upon the arcane realisation that some of the land had ley-lines, and seemed to enhance magic’s slightly. Needless to say I headed straight towards one…a fact that would later turn to almost be my undoing again. To my credit I found a new use for my mage hand for entertainment value during battle. Perhaps ‘Knock-knock’ will become more famous then my magic-fizzle. With our group having defeated the little boy (without his death we should happily note), we learned of a corruption having affected the fairy-skins land. One of their own went to seek it out but never returned. Having learned its location, we set off. Going deeper into the woods we were set upon some corrupted animals and a dodgy as looking Minotaur. Here is where my heading towards a ley-line nearly got myself sent to my name’s sake again. (Fourth note to self: Did my parents know I would be having one foot in the grave so often?) I ran towards a place that would hopefully enhance my spells, only to once again fizzle. As a ‘reward’ I was set upon three hounds and made a rather bloody mess. Calling upon Selune, I crawled out of the immediate danger towards the others who were also engaged. I can’t recall how the others fared at this time, as I was too busy cursing my wounds. Fortunately for me our scale-skin bard encouraged my self-healing and I managed to slay a cat animal with my magic fizzle, for once. I do recall a rather massive cracking sound during the battle…well, more the once, it turns out our scale-skin warrior and the Minotaur were charging each other furiously. I am glad sometimes to stick to the rear and engage foes from afar now.

Having defeated the aggressors, we came upon a dense pack of forest, which turned out to be our destination. ‘Inside’ if you could call it that, we came upon a pool and a dying fairy-skin woman. As she gave her warnings about what we were to face and how we must cleanse the corruption from her very own tree, she gave of her life-force and imparted upon us a sphere of fairy-power. Sadly, she turned into a tree and will now lend a shadow to the pool, may Selune grace her. Our monk took the sphere with the intention of making haste to the tree and thus ending the peril; it seemed like a logical idea at the time…then we entered the main chamber and my heart raced. Inside were many fey-skins with one in particular around the now-dying corrupted tree, performing some dark ritual. They all blocked the way, but still our monk made for the tree, and got halfway there before being nearly felled. Fortunately for him, our scale-skin bard was quick to his aid, but once again the monk made for the tree…and nearly made it to his goal, before becoming stuck in the wrangling roots of the tree. I must note that prowess of the scale-skin warrior who charges into battle with skill, and my wizard tutor whose fire and ice wrecks havoc to his foes. The brigade is fortunate to have them. As to myself, I only managed to get two of my magic fizzles which are better than my last cowardly acts in Cormyr. But the real credit for fast thinking goes to my mage-tutor who used his own mage hand to collect the fairy-sphere from the monk and place it in the tree. After this event though, my mind is once again fuzzy…I believe I was overcome with the nature-magics that may have infused the area, fighting the corruption. When I ‘came to’, I had found we had defeated the corrupting fey-skins and cleansed the tree. We returned to the fairy-skins and they parted upon us a gift, and the farmers paid us for our efforts. I for once, came out happily knowing we completed a task better than before, and that I am not a total and complete failure as a wizard. As a note I have now gained a magical staff, which will hopefully empower my magic fizzles to perhaps hit more often. I will consult my imp for further study now, and sign this journal off.

For Selune, and the dim-light shadows.


Another great adventure synopsis… Thanks for adding the writeup.

Lost Temple of the Fey Gods

Ach! I remember those daft Fairies and the dance they made us do, but I dinnae remember no “little boy” or “smash”…did old Cash take one in me noggin during that skirmish? -Cash

(Nice write-up! -Seth)

Lost Temple of the Fey Gods

Gong like smash, tho rules bit complex for his taste.

Lost Temple of the Fey Gods

What an excellent addition to the Bedrock Brigade’s log book! One day I’m sure you will attain the same heights as a Wizard as you already have as a chronicler. It was an honor and a pleasure to offer you some small arcane advice during our travels together, and I continue to believe that the fizzle is likely only a temporary curse. By the way, your excellent use of the mage hand certainly inspired my own, and I’m looking forward to meeting your Book Imp! – Tazz

Lost Temple of the Fey Gods

Dancing with the fey-folk and wrestling with children? All to save a tree? Bah! More clever humans might have regarded your payment as theft!

Now this minotaur, that is a foe I’d have liked to meet! And at any rate, I am glad to hear that your magics are finding their mark, Graven. Your instructor is wise and far-sighted; you will only aid yourself by his teaching.

Until we meet again.

Lost Temple of the Fey Gods

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