Bedrock Brigade Mercenary Corps

CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter

The Power of Friendship and Alcohol

Journal of Cashric, Champion of Moradin

I be enjoying a wee pint in me favorite South Ward tavern when Graven Silverkin and Vulgrim Han’dar (he be of the Warbringer clan) be coming in and saying Delf had a job for us. It was back to Cormyr once again for old Cash, this time to help some Lord Severin be his name) clear up some trouble in his realm. Details be scarce but we soon learned that Severin recently be cleared of treason charge after attacking Izaard, another Lord of that realm. And even more interesting to me (as it always comes down to the lasses) they both be vying for the affections of some Lady Redfren. We joined up with a couple of free-lancers for this mission. Wodewick and Sphinx a couple of cats, one on four legs and one on two. Wodewick seemed like a stout fellow and Sphinx turned out to be a wee lass who was good with a spell.

We arrived to find Lord Severin’s midwinter carnival already abustle with folk from all over. Severin he tells us there’s been thieving afoot…lots of it and he wants to get to the bottom of it. Even the most daft would reason that Lord Izaard be behind it, so our party set out on the toughest battle, the battle for truth…getting such scuttle butt from the high society in attendance was not going to be easy. Only by winning the day of each tournament would we be granted access to each noble.

Vulgrim, he near bent some poor smith’s apprentice in half and took the day on the wrestling field. Wodewick sent his arrows straight and true to win Archery, but his mettle did not extend to cards as he lost his shirt (but not his armor) in 3 Dragon Ante. Sphinx bested other wizards in sorcery (can’t profess to understand too much about that). And Graven beat all oncomers in Riddles. For my part I took to a’drinkin…. a drinking contest that is…I don’t remember much about it but I think I must have won cause they had me do it twice! It all be great sport, but not much information did we gain. Graven went to the Halflings (who half the festival thought were behind the thefts) and learned some things, Vulgrim went to Lord Izaard would wouldn’t even talk to him. And I went to question the house servant boy, but it wasn’t until I brought Vulgrim and Graven with me that the nancy boy finally spilled the beans about some Fey Magic well outside of town. Meanwhile Wodewick and Sphinx tracking a Kobold that we had seen running from the festival grounds also arrived at the same well.

At the well both kobolds and wild-eyed gnomes were fighting. Of course as we arrived they decided to put their differences behind them and turn attentions and weapons on us. I must confess I thought they would be easy sport, but they took down Vulgrim and Wodewick, and almost had old Cash on the ropes before we took them down. Our captives then told us of two dragons, a blue and a green that they each be following these two draconic troublemakers be sending their minions to the festival in a contest to capture the most trophies. Now old Cash isn’t such a fool as to go attacking two Dragons (and Wodewick be in agreement with his recent brush with leaving the Prime Material), but I figure maybe we can talk to them an pit one against the other. But I was wrong on two accounts. One we need not be afeared by these beasts as they only be wee faerie dragons, and two it be obvious to old Cash that these Dragons actually be best of friends. It seems an argument about who drank the last of some elder flower wine be behind the whole feud. And it happen to be that the Eladrin Princess be offering such a prize to whoever wins the jousting tournament the next day. The dragons agreed to return all the stolen loot in exchange for a new cask of wine.

The net day showed a sight I had never seen. You see we needed to win that joust, so we worked as the team we are to forge every advantage. We walked that field, we sized up the competition, we prepared our horse, we mined our competition for information, and planted our own, and then we were ready to present our champion….. the wizard Graven atop his steed bested every man (and with his wizards robes aflowing!). We took the prize, settled peace among the wee dragons, and returned the stolen goods. Vulgrim and I, we also be promoted to Private in the brigade as a result of our work.

Stout hearts, hard iron, and the will of Moradin once again prevailed good over chaos.

CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter There is something rotten in the city of Suzail. While a midwinter festival brings throngs of competitors, merchants, and spectators, it also brings an element of danger. When the host turns to heroes for help, they must uncover what lurks under the city’s snow and ice

CORM07 SWEET AS HONEY You were able to retrieve the stolen honey of Lazlo Gern, the Sembian honey merchant, earning you a friend who has ties to the Sembian community.

CORM09 DRACONIC DIPLOMAT You have resolved the conflict between two faerie dragons through diplomacy. One or both may be of service to you in the future.


Vulgrim told me of your humiliation at the drinking table, but I would not have believed it til it came from under your own beard, Cashric! Perhaps a cup of elf-water next time?

/punch in the shoulder

Lok’tar, friend dwarf. And well done. Glory to the Bedrock!

CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter

aye….it be me Diplomacy and not me drinkin that saved the day…and I bested two dragons with me silver tongue and not me hammer…..aye strange days indeed!

You be joining us on our next mission Eredash? Maybe you can teach me a thing or two about drinking then!

CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter

Regrettably we must part ways for a bit. I will be watching the kids while my wife goes to a conference surveying the unclaimed lands east of Cormyr to find a future home for my people and will not be able to join you and Vulgrim when you travel north in two weeks time. I will rejoin you at the meetup at Gizmos & Games in Redmond Red Mound in about a month. Then will we share drink and tales and, with Kord’s favor, battle! Lok’tar o’gar, and honor guide you!

CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter

Your Axe will be missed…. Cash and I will try and stay alive until we can draw steel together.

CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter

Are you deep in your cups as well, Lizard? That’s a warblade and no axe! If we three raise drink together again am I to be sitting alone after two rounds, with my comrades froth-drenched and slain? Bwahaha! If we ever venture into Duskfire territory, I think you and Cashric will manage the axes well enough, but mind the flagons!

Be well, mighty Vulgrim. Until our next meeting.

CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter

<looks> Axe???? And I be thinking this was a HAMMER I be wielding… <puts>

CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter

(it ate my formatting… hopefully this looks better)

looks up pulling his froth filled beard from his ale mug
Axe???? And I be thinking this was a HAMMER I be wielding…
puts head back down

CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter

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